Experience the thrill of speed and splashing water as you ride our Watercrafts. We offer two seater jet ski.Price includes a full tank of gas on boat and jetskis. We offer a gigantic ride area on Lake Conroe. Our location is wide open and free from congested dangerous boat traffic you'll find elsewhere. Book Now for great offers!

JetSki Rental

Hourly JetSki Rental $100 /1hr
JetSki Half Day (4hr) $375 /4hr
JetSki Half Day (8hr) $750 /8hr

Kayak Rental

Kayak Rental Single $22 /1hr
Kayak Rental Double $27 /1hr
Canoe Rental $32 /1hr

Boat Rental

Hourly Boat Rental $200 /1hr
Boat Rental 4hr special $750 /4hr
Boat Rental 8hr Special $1450 /8hr
Boat with Captain (1hr) $275 /1hr
Boat with Captain (4hr) $1000 /4hr

Paddle Boat Rental

Paddle Boarding $29 /1hr
Paddle Boat (Max 4 People) $32 /1hr