• Shark Week: Are There Sharks In Lake Conroe?

    28 July 2017

  • There are not sharks in Lake Conroe (whew!), but there are many of types of fish and animals in the lake. Some of which have been mistaken for piranha, but are actually Red Pacu- an invasive species that eats other fish in the lake.

  • Basic Water Safety

    30 June 2017

  • Here at 1097 Watersports we love the lake! The lake, for us, means a good time. While very fun, lake-time can also be dangerous. There are several safety precautions that we should take to ensure the best and safest excursion on the water!

  • Why Should Rent a Tritoon from 1097 Watersports?

    31 May 2017

  • Are you ready to enjoy the beautiful spring weather that is right around the corner? Take advantage of the sunshine and the beauty the Lake Conroe has to offer. What's better than experiencing the Lake from the water? Here at 1097 Watersports, we know owning a boat presents a number of problems. Come rent a watercraft to enjoy boating on the lake without the hassle of ownership. A TriToon is one of our most popular vessels and we have dedicated this week's blog to highlighting why YOU should rent a triton from 1097 Watersports.

  • SUMMER 2K17

    29 April 2017

  • JOIN THE 1097 SQUAD AS A 1097 BABE AND BRO! WE NEED FUN, CREATIVE, ADVENTUROUS PEOPLE TO HELP GROW OUR COMPANY. Who doesn't want to spend the summer at the lake. Imagine, your job is to hangout with your friends, ski around on a jet skiis, have private boat parties, lake days and give yourself an opportunity to take control of your career.

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